Oral B Pro 2000 – hello

I struggled deciding whether I should even write a post about this toothbrush but then I thought I love it, so why not. 

I’ve had an electric toothbrush in the past and it was great but I think it either broke or the battery died (I’m not actually sure) so I just went back to a standard manual brush.

I’ve always loved a manual toothbrush. They might not last long but when they need replacing it’s quick and easy to pop into a supermarket and get a new ones. Basically -they’re cheap and cheerful.

Then during Black Friday – yup, a long time ago –  I saw that Oral B electric toothbrushes were half price in Asda. I had a look at all the models and even though the best was only £50 I still couldn’t justify paying that price for a toothbrush. I know, a toothbrush is literally something you should spend a lot of money on but I just can’t.

So instead I settled for the Oral B Pro 2000. It was only £25 and promised to clean my teeth and gums and I’m not going to lie, but this toothbrush is actually amazing. I have no regrets.


Since using this electric toothbrush I’ve noticed such a huge difference compared to the manual brush I was using. My mouth is cleaner and I don’t have to do that much work because the head of the toothbrush moves on its own. I love it!

Another bonus is a red light flashes when I’m brushing too hard and it lets you know when it needs charging rather than randomly die because the battery is dead.

I may have settled but it’s still better than my old toothbrush.

Hello cleaner and whiter teeth!

Eden xoxo


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