Real Techniques MultiTech Collection

This month I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a Real Techniques event for their Multitech Collection.

And it was SO much fun!

The event took place in a four story house:

  • On the first floor there were desks and lots of makeup and the new makeup brushes.
  • The second floor had the new beauty blenders and a BALL PIT. Yes, for adults it was so cool.
  • The third floor gave you a chance to test out the new brushes with different makeup brnds
  • The fourth and final floor was where the DJ -Maya Jama – was and food & drinks

The first thing I loved about the event was the layout of everything. It wasn’t too cramped and as there was so much to do, it needed to be on four stories.

I’m so happy I was able to attend this event. I loveReal Techniques brushes because they’re really good quality and they’re affordable – two of the must have things for basically, anything. I know MAC brushes are good quality too but who can afford £20 per brush? Not me. So most of my makeup brushes are Morphe ones – see my last post – or Real Techniques ones.


R E A L   T E C H N I Q U E S  M U L T I T E C H   C O L L E C T I O N

REVIEW: Quickly summed up: They’re amazing, extremely soft and so versatile.

They’ve actually got so many new brushes in their new collection and the can all be used for so many different things. The best feature is that each and every brush can be used for multiple things so they’re very cost effective.

I got quite a few of the brushes. Below I’ve written the name of the brushes and what they can be used for.

Point S: all-over shadow, concealer, contour lines, highlighter and more

Point XS: colour correcting, concealer, crease shadow and more

Point XXS: detailed highlighting, detailed shadow, lip blending and more

Point XXXS: brow filling, smokey liner, smudged liner, lip detailing and more

Point XL: powder application, bronzing, baking, foundation blending, tinted moisturiser application and more

Point L: blush, detailed bronzing, bb/cc cream, highlighter, contour and more

Point XXXL: good for large portions of your face and neck, blending – I even got to decorate the brush to make it personalised

Point makeup sponge: blending makeup – I assume it’s just another beauty blender

Rimmel moisture renew: 126 pink lane

Sun kissed dream glow bronzer 


I haven’t used any of the new brushes yet but I can’t wait. At the moment my beauty blender just isn’t doing it for my makeup application so I’m going to start using a Real Techniques brush. I’m thinking the Point XL one maybe? We’ll see.

I know I’m going to LOVE the smaller brushes for my eye area so I can’t wait to start using them. Also I love that I now have a brush stand all my brushes are going straight in there.

Another incredible part of the event was Maya Jama was DJing. I love her! She’s so lovely and sweet and everything she portrays herself as on social media. I asked her for advice on getting into the presenting industry and she was completely honest and helpful. She even tweeted me back after I tweet her!

Eden xoxo


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