Look Magazine x Smashbox


I’m not actually going to any events this season but I do remember a few years ago I went to an event in February and it was great. I did regret not going to the catwalk show though but maybe one day…

I’ve also remembered I got to work at a fashion week event at the Saatchi Gallery. The shift dragged on and I had to stand for like eight hours but nevertheless it was an experience and I got to see the Saatchi gallery for the first time.

ANYWAYS, today I went to the Smashbox store in Oxford Circus and they’re running an event with Look magazine throughout London Fashion Week. If you go to the store during the weekend you can learn makeup tips, get a free makeover and there’s food and drinks.


I got to learn a few tips for my actual face.

  • Because of my eye shape it’s better to do a straight flick for my eyeliner
  • I have a lot of room between my eyes and eyebrows to do my eyeshadow
  • I learnt how to actually do eyeshadow on my eyes
  • I also got to see what a darker shade of blusher looks like on me and I LOVE it

I asked the makeup artist to do a neutral eyeshadow look and I loved it (although you can barely see it in this photo).


I also got a goody bag filled with their latest magazine issue, sweets, Fiji water (I had downed the whole bottle before I took the photo), Lightly Sea Salted popcorn, a Bounce Energy Ball bar and Smashbox’s Always Sharp waterproof eyeliner in the shade purple.


I can’t wait to try that eyeliner!

Eden xoxo


2 thoughts on “Look Magazine x Smashbox

  1. Lovely post! I wish I had events like this near me. I could do with a free makeover and some tips and tricks. looks like you had a great time xx

    • Ahh it was so much fun! If you can’t go to events you should go to makeup stores and get makeovers there? That’s what I usually do. Just pop into MAC or wherever xx

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