Zoella Apartment

A few months ago I had the amazing opportunity to visit Zoella’s apartment; and I have to admit it was beautiful.

I’m not even a huge Zoella fan. Don’t get me wrong I do like her but I don’t have to keep up to date with her and yet everything about her apartment gave me major inspiration for my room, stationary and genuinely, just in life. I feel like she actually took the time out and put a lot of thought and effort into every product.

A lot of her products are Christmassy and I guess that’s because it’s her Autumn/Winter 2016 range. Everyone who went on the tour got to see the bedroom, living room/dining area, kitchen space and office room.

Zoella’s bedroom
Ahh I loved everything about it. From the scented candles (one was named Eden – shoutout) to the incense, the room smelt lovely and I may have visited the apartment in September (so it wasn’t as Christmasssy) the room still felt really homely and festive.


Zoella’s bathroom

Even though the bathroom in the apartment was small it still managed to look cute and ‘lived in’. From bath washes to hand cleansers everything smelt and looked girly and presentable.

Zoella’s kitchen

There were Gingerbread Men in the kitchen. Like real life, toasty Gingerbread Men and they tasted delicious. Other than the lovely edible treats there were a few more of Zoella’s shower products and some of her fragrance sets. They also obviously smelt lovely, my favourite everything has got to be the gingerbread scent though. I didn’t know I loved the smell of gingerbread until my trip to the apartment – so thanks Zoella.

Zoella’s living room/dining room

This room was Christmas overload; not only because of the tree and prezzies underneath but the gorgeous dining room set. The table was prepared for about eight people. The decoration was gorgeous and it included Zoella’s own Christmas crackers.


Zoella’s office room

Offices give me major inspiration and Zoella’s was no different. This was without a doubt my favourite room. Not only because it was bright and included Zoella’s pinboard but because of all the stationary from her range. She has pencils, journals, notebooks a throw pillow – what more could a girl want?

My favourite product from Zoella’s collection has got to be her She Designed a Life She Loved Stationary book; I love the quote on the front of the book and I love the layout and how organised it would make me feel.

On the way out of Zoella’s apartment I also got a cute bag filled with goodies from Zoella’s range:

Zoella Pottering Around – Storage Pots

How adorable are they? I’m still not sure what exactly I want to put in them… I might not even put anything in them, they might just be for show.

Zoella Scooper Dooper – Foaming Bath Soak 

Okay the name Scooper Dooper is a bit weird BUT it’s a bubble bath and I just love bubbles in a bath.

Zoella Just Crackers – Christmas Crackers

Who doesn’t love Christmas crackers? Seriously? These are a little different from your average joke and toy. These include some of Zoella’s products; I’ve got a hand cream, body cream, body wash and lip balm. Yaaaaas to the lip balm. I literally don’t leave my house without Vaseline.

Zoella Gingerbread Village – Candle

Candles are so quiche! (If you don’t know what quiche means look up the television show Ja’mie Private School – it’s hilarious). They definitely make a room more homely especially if they smell nice and this one smells like – yep you guessed it – gingerbread; my new favourite smell.

Zoella Bag

This bag is so cute! It’s officially becoming my work/gym bag. That way I can fit all my work stuff and gym things in one bag. It also has that quote She Designed A Life She Loved and I certainly love that saying it’s VERY inspirational.

Thanks for having me Zoella (even though this blog post is a few months too late)

Eden xoxo


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