Ice Bar in London…

So the Olympics are well and truly over (seriously it ended months ago) but during that time I got to visit the Ice Bar in London to watch Eddie the Eagle.
The movie was based on a true story about Eddie Edwards who was determined to take part in the Olympics and although he faced many setbacks he only went on to compete in the Winter Olympics he didn’t win but he became a champion in Britain (yaaaaaas).
During the time of the 2016 Winter Olympics I got invited to watch the movie in the Ice Bar in London because, well, ice, winter… It was all very fitting.

The event was actually so cool we got to go into the ice bar and oh my it was s cold – which is an obvious fact from the name but I still wasn’t prepared. You’re given a cape and gloves to keep warm, but it’s difficult when you’re trying to Snapchat with thick gloves on… I managed but it was difficult.

After we had free cocktails in the ice bar we moved upstairs – where it was warmer – and had some wine and canapés and there were a few former Olympic players and celebrities. 

Then we moved downstairs and got to watch the movie, now it’s not my kind of cup of tea but the message behind it was very inspirational.

Eden xoxo


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