Christmas in July…

Even though this post would have been better in July when I attended these events, I am VERY behind with a lot of my blog posts but as it’s almost Christmas this post is relevant enough…

Anyways,  this July I got to attend a few Christmas in July events.

I didn’t even know what Christmas in July was until it was explained; it’s basically the time companies show off their Christmas products.

I couldn’t believe that they already had their Christmas stuff ready in July, but whatever, I was just happy I could have a look so here’s a few events I went to…


The event was on several different floors and was set out like a house. We got to have a look around at the home decorations and the Christmas clothes. In our goodie bag we also got a cute Christmas decoration of a nutcracker and a £10 gift voucher for Matalan.


At the paperchase event we got to have a look around at all their products there was also canapes, we could get our names written on this piece of card that was painted and I got this adorable diary that I’m currently using as a place to hold all my work related memories.

Not on the High Street

For the Not on the High Street event there were cocktails, canapes, you had a look around at all their products and one thing I was really impressed with was the chocolate. It was 24K gold oreo chocolate and it was delicious!

In the goodie bag we got a Christmas cracker with an alcoholic drink in it (I still haven’t opened it yet), a cute Santa’s hat and their Christmas gift guides. Also at the end we had the opportunity to get our names printed on a cute Christmas decoration and I chose the cute pineapple.


Eden xoxo


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