Absolutely Fabulous Darling…

I love my job for more reasons than I can be bothered to write but the other day I was reminded just how blessed I am.

I had to incredible opportunity to stay in The Mondrian Hotel in Central London because the Absolutely Fabulous DVD was being released. I also had the chance to take a plus one so I took my mum and we had such a great time.


As the hotel is along the River Thames it was lovely to have a look at the river in the evening; London is such a stunning city.

After arriving at the hotel we couldn’t believe it; in our room we had a lot of goodies and could order room service which was great. We got two bottles of Bollinger Champagne, one bottle of Stolichnaya Vodka, chocolates, face masks, and a whole bunch of Ab Fab goodies which included the movie.


I have to say the movie it was actually hilarious! I’ve never watched the Ab Fab television series so it was great to watch the women in the movies and see all the celebrity cameos.

The Mondrian Hotel was amazing I loved it, the staff were lovely the rooms were clean and just perfect and the food was to die for! I got the Mondrian burger (cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, gherkin) and chips and three bottles of lemonade for my vodka.


Me and my mum did try the infamous Absolutely Fabulous drink The Stoli-Bolli Cocktail  which was pretty strong – hence the three bottles of lemonade.

But all in all I had an Absolutely Fabulous night, seriously!

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Eden xoxo




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