Shadowing radio presenters

So as well as attending a radio presenting class I had the amazing opportunity to shadow two radio presenters at heat radio.

I got to shadow Emily Segal for the last hour of her morning show and then the whole of Rezzy Ghadjar’s evening show.

They were both so lovely, helpful and they really motivated me. I already know I want to be a presenter but seeing them do it and knowing that that’s their actual job has inspired to me get involved in a community radio show.

I got to ask the presenters soooooo many questions about the industry, their show, their job and although at uni we learnt a lot it was definitely beneficial hearing from people who are actually doing it.

Also while I was shadowing both presenters I got to meet Melvin and Ricky who host the Kiss fm Breakfast show.

Which was amazing!

I had such an incredible experience and I can’t wait to start presenting again!
Eden xoxo


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