Radio Presenting 101

Today I had such an incredible day. 
I was on the early shift at work so I started at 7:30am and finished at 4pm. After I had to waste an hour before I attended the Big Music Project event Big Music Master Class – Radio Presenting 101 with Capitals Goldierocks. 

I didn’t even know what the Big Music Project was but a colleague at work told me about their twitter page; it’s amazing they post jobs, opportunities, advice and career tips (which is always helpful). 
The other day I saw that they posted about a radio event so I asked my friend – who also wants to be a presenter – to come but she couldn’t because she had work. I started feeling nervous going to the event on my own but it was too good of an opportunity to miss; so I went alone. 

The event happened at Global which is in central London so I walked from work. At first I was really nervous and I felt like everyone else had already made friends but I remembered whether you know someone or not you need to network. So I ended up making a few friends we all follow each other on Twitter (and if that’s not friendship I don’t know what is). We all have the same passion, drive and motivation on getting into the industry and presenting. 
It was nice and refreshing. 

Then at the event Sam Hall aka Goldierocks, Jay London, Phil Clifton and Ross Buchanan all answered a few question and then we had a Q and A. I thought they were going to say things I’ve already heard from other people in the industry but they didn’t. 

They gave me such an incredible insight into the industry, everything they said was motivation and has just pushed me even further into wanting to present. They were so engaging I LOVED IT. 

After the talk we got a tour of the studios and it was incredible. We saw the Capital studios and a few others too. 

Then we got feedback on our demos. A few days before the event we had the opportunity to send in demos to get feedback on them. 

At first I wasn’t going to do it because I don’t have the equipment, studio etc but then I got an email explaining that my demo doesn’t have to be professional and it can be recorded on my phone. 

So I made one. 

I’ve never created a demo before but after speaking to a people in the industry I’ve got an understanding on how to create a demo and what to include in it. 

So even though I only had my phone and no editing software (to put music in my demo) I recorded it and sent it in an email. 

I was nervous about it and even when I sent it I knew I could have done better but I was running out of time and wanted to get some feedback. 

So back to the event… when I played my demo to one of the presenters I was surprised that they laughed during the funny bits and seemed to enjoy it. I got great feedback both positive things and how I can improve. It really boosted me and I felt proud; I created a demo without the professional equipment and a real life professional presenter seemed to like it!

What a great day. Today’s events was just what I needed. 

My next mission

  • Keep applying to community radio stations. 
  • Keep networking and getting advice. 

Eden xoxo


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