Revlon Ball…

This was without a doubt one of the most unprepared I’ve ever felt at an event. Seriously at first it was very awkward but eventually I sorted myself out.

So one of my colleagues gave me her invitation to Revlon’s ball. The invite was very fancy and official.


When I finished work I had to get changed in the bathroom (as you do) because I wouldn’t have had enough time to go home and get ready etc and it was on a Thursday night… Hello, I have work tomorrow.

Anyway so when I arrived at the event with my friend we were not prepared at all. The ball was held at the Albert and Victoria Museum – that should have been alarm bells for how fancy the event would be – and as soon as we turned the corner we saw paparazzi. I wearing flat shoes (because my friend didn’t wear heels and you don’t leave a man behind) feeling soooo uncomfortable. There were reality stars and other celebrities all dressed up like, celebrities.


I felt so undressed.

Then I saw a girl I’d seen around the office and tried to talk to her and “network but she was very standoffish… Rude.

But eventually me and my friend had a few drinks and tried to enjoy ourselves. We got to have a tour on the History of Underwear which was actually really interesting to see the corsets women used to wear – it’s crazy.

I even made friends with a couple of other girls and I spoke to this girl who previously worked at a publication I would love to work at.

AND we got a great goodie bag!


So overall the event was great and reminded me that I would prefer to be over dressed than under dressed any day!

Eden xoxo


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