Interviews at work…

I have been truly blessed with my internship. I have had so many incredible experiences and opportunities and one of them being interviews.

Interview with Made in Chelsea’s Rosie Fortescue

I got invited to attend a Zumba class in London which was directed by the Zumba inventor – Beto Perez – which was amazing. I had never done Zumba before so to get taught by the created in my first ever class was great. Omg, everyone was properly dressed up and seemed crazy passionate about Zumba too.


While there I got the opportunity to interview Rosie from Made in Chelsea and she was lovely and it was my first ever interview post-university so that was great too!



You can read my full interview on Closer magazine’s website.

Interview with the real life Mike and Dave

On my internship I’ve also interviewed the real life brothers of the movie Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. It was incredibly stressful on the day of the interview because it was over the phone and both of the brothers were in different parts of New York so it was a three-way-call but they were both lovely.

And although I wanted to interview them when I was in a conference room there were technical issues so I had to do it at my desk in the office but all is well and luckily I got to attend the movie screening before the interview so I got to see what the brothers were really like.

You can read my interview with the brother’s on heat magazine’s website.

Interview with the Real Housewives of Cheshire’s Stacey Forsey

My most recent interview was with Stacey Forsey from the Real Housewives of Cheshire. As it was national eczema week (and I have eczema) I wrote a feature on the topic.

In the feature I wrote about all the things you know if you have eczema, I got great tips from doctors and dermatologists and I got to interview Stacey through email. I’m glad I got to interview Stacey through this technique as I had never done it because, even at university.

I really enjoyed writing this feature as it was educational to me, I used funny gifs throughout and it was about a topic outside my comfort zone – my comfort zone being celebrities and entertainment stuff.

 You can read my interview on Closer magazine’s website.


Eden xoxo


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