Colour Correcting

So on Tuesday 31 May 2016 – literally days after handing in my LAST EVER uni assignment – I started two weeks work experience at Closer magazines online team which was followed by my 3 months internship with heat and Closer magazines online teams. 

The past 4 months have been AMAZING!

And on my last day (September 9th) my internship was extended for seven more weeks– yay! So that’s great. 

Okay so on my first official day as an intern I was sent some products from MUA. 


During my two weeks work experience at Closer I pitched the idea of doing an Everything You Need To Know About Colour Correcting. 

I really enjoyed doing this feature because:

  1. I pitched the idea and my deputy editor liked the idea
  2. It’s a current, relatable topic
  3. I LOVE makeup

So yeah I was lucky enough to get some MUA colour correcting products. I only use the peach/orange shade for my dark circles under my eyes and although the MUA shade seemed to be too light for me (I looked ashy) it was still nice to receive the freebies. 

The colour correcting product I previously used was MAC’s Prep + Prime Peach Lustre highlighter. However it’s a little pricey so I’m currently using LA pro girl’s orange concealer.


It only cost me £3.99 which is AMAZING.

I do like it, it’s VERY pigmented so I have to use less than I usually would and depending on what foundation I wear (light weight, medium coverage etc) sometimes I have to put more foundation on so that it covers the colour corrector. Other than that I’m a fan of the product.

I also see Youtubers using LA pro girls concealer so I thought I’d try it out – especially as it’s cheap.

I’ve also got the LA pro girl concealer but in the stick. The stick definitely has less pigmentation compared to their other colour corrector but I find it easier to cover with my foundation.

So for now I’m going to alternate between the two!

Eden xoxo


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