Don’t you hate when people say “network”?

Like, literally I find it so awkward.

How do you do it?

I don’t really feel like there’s one specific way.

When you’re at work it’s easy to network with people in your team because you have to work with them. But when it comes to networking with people outside your team or at an event I find it difficult and a little scary.

I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to walk to people and introduce yourself etc but I just find it so AWKWARD.

Anyway, I managed to network the other day without even realise I was doing it.

I had one-to-one meetings with Chris Skinner, Ric Blaxill and Sarah Powell and they were all extremely helpful and amazing. I got some great advice and motivation to continue to pursue a career in broadcasting – TV and radio. The conversations I had gave me an insight into the industry and how to “keep my foot in the door” with presenting.

At university I had a student radio show and Youtube channel with three of my friends but when we left university we stopped because we wouldn’t have equipment, lived far etc. So now I find it difficult to continue to present and show that presenting is my passion (as cringe as it sounds) without having the student radio or my Youtube channel.

I’ve decided that I’m going to join a community radio station or create my own podcasts, that way I’ll get some stuff for my demo and will continue to talk about celebrity news and entertainment.

So yeah, I’m excited to start presenting again!

Eden xoxo


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