Hello adulthood

This last year at uni has actually gone incredibly quick. I’ve literally spent the last couple of months in the library, having dinner and then going to sleep.

My first assignment due was that dreaded dissertation but it was the best feeling ever when I handed it in. I would advise anyone who is in their first or second year to make sure their dissertation is on a topic they enjoy and are passionate about because you’ll be working on it for a year.


Handing in my dissertation – BEST FEELING



My second assignment was a reflective essay on my work experience and my final assignment – aka the worst one – was a 10 minute documentary. My course is called Multimedia Broadcast Journalism so I’m confused why we had this module, which is probably the reason I hated it. Like seriously I didn’t enjoy anything about it; the idea, the editing, none of it. But it’s over and done now and I’m free from education which is pretty crazy.

As cringe as it is, I’ve started a new chapter – Adulthood. I’ve got one more week of work experience at Closer magazine which I am enjoying so much and then I have a 3 month internship. So this summer I’ll be working but it’ll be at something I love and am very passionate about so I can’t wait. This summer I decided to celebrate the end of education so I’m going to binge watch Game of Thrones, see Beyonce, go to V festival, celebrate my 21st birthday and hopefully go to Ibiza!

What has everyone else got planned?

Eden xoxo



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