Work Work Work Work Work

Guys I can’t believe it, it was only in my last post that I was talking about my work experience and then a few days later I got my two placements – thank God!

So far I’ve spent one week at heat magazine and I have the remaining week left. Then I have a weeks work experience at Surrey advertiser. I am so happy that I have both these placements not only because I can now pass my final year at uni but also because I really am getting to see what the industry is like. 

I love love love it at Heat. It’s everything I wanted it to be and more. I thought I’d be making coffee and photocopying things but so far everyday I have either written a story or a feature and it has been on the website. Here’s a link to some of my stuff on the website:

  • This was the first story I wrote at Heat.
  • I wrote this one this morning. I still can’t believe Liam and Cheryl are dating.
  •  I also wrote this one on Sam Faiers.
  • This one on Tom Fletcher.
  • This one on Kimmy K.
  • Finally I wrote this feature which took me longer than it takes to write a story because there’s quite a lot of research to do, but I loved doing it.

I really am enjoying it at Heat, it doesn’t even feel like work – I love it. It’s definitely shown me what I want to do when I finish uni. Although I do still want to be a television presenter I do love writing at Heat. I am so glad I got this work experience it has allowed me to see the fun side of writing news stories. I cannot wait for the rest of the week at Heat and the following week at Surrey Advertisers.

Eden xoxo


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