Update on life and third year stress

I haven’t blogged in two weeks because I have been so swamped with uni work. Seriously, no one told me it would be this stressful… I mean they did but whatever. I feel like the jump from second year to third year was like the jump from GCSE to A-Levels. At the beginning of third year I was so overwhelmed with the amount of work I had to do, but I decided I was going to be organised and so far I have been (kind of) every now and then I do feel overwhelmed but I just have to believe I’ll get through it.

I am now in my second and final semester – Thank God! Towards the end of the last semester I had five consecutive news days. The week I had these news days was extremely hard; I had to go out and create a package for our news television show, write a radio story and an online story. It doesn’t sound like much but going out into town and recording vox pops, a piece to camera, interviews and OOV shots was time consuming. But I managed to survive it. Then at the end of January I had two deadlines and I managed to do those. Then we had a week off and it was great! I literally just went home and chilled and applied for work experience placements.

Now I’m in my second semester I’m focusing on my dissertation, creating a documentary and finding a work experience placement. At the moment the work experience placement is bothering me the most. It’s one of my modules; getting work experience for three weeks and producing or publishing something for our reflective essay. I have found it difficult trying to stay positive when either one of two options happen:

  1. You receive no reply
  2. You receive that email ‘Thank you for applying but unfortunately…’

It’s so annoying, how am I suppose to pass my degree or get a job when no one will give me work experience. It’s really disheartening to get ignored or rejected. But I still have until May so I’m going to try and remain positive so I can smash my third and final year and get an amazing job!



Eden xoxo



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