New Year, Same Me (Well… Kind of)

So it’s January which means it’s back to uni for me. I started back today and my first lecture was writing an original online news story… Pretty broad task but whatever.

Now I’m back at uni I have a little over a full semester left before I go into the big wide world and get a full time job, so I thought I’d get myself into a routine: gym, healthy eating, positive thinking – New Year, Better Me.

Well that’s the plan. My plan is that if I start eating healthy, going gym and thinking positive now (in January) by the time I start working I will look and feel fab and already be in a great routine.

I’m going gym tomorrow morning. I have already done my “monthly” shop and I bought some healthy stuff and positive thinking… Well that’s easier said than done – it’s a working progress – but I’ll get there.

So yeah, they’re some of my New Years resolutions (I have a few…) also to ace my winged eyeliner. So if anyone has any tips on perfecting their winged eyeliner please let me know!



Eden xoxo


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