Last year at uni… My time to shine


Not going to lie  I still can’t believe I’m in my third and final year at uni. I feel like my time at uni has gone extremely quick, I remember moving into my halls room like it was yesterday… Anyways since it’s my final year it really has put my life into perspective.

I know I want to be a showbiz presenter and this year I really am exploring my passion. A few weeks ago my class was able to make a program based on anything we want instead of a news program. In my group we decided to make a lifestyle program and for my section me and my friend Chloe made an entertainment segment where we spoke about the latest celebrity gossip.

The package we created is definitely the piece of work I am most proud of. We pre-recorded our section and decided to use the green screen so that we could make the background look fun. I really enjoyed recording and editing this piece of work as I was able to show my personality through it, which is difficult when I make a package for a news day as the news stories are usually hard news.

As well as creating an entertainment section, just before I broke up for my Christmas holiday I recorded my first radio show for our student radio station. The presenters on the show are me and three of my friends. The setup of our show is a little like loose women. So each week we will take turns to be the producer and that person will lead the show; so they will bring up the topics we will discuss.

We decided to call our show ‘Tuesdays Tea’ because its played on a Tuesday from 5pm – 6pm and on our radio show we will discuss the latest celebrity gossip and songs in the charts. As my career aspiration is to be a showbiz presenter, the radio show will help me develop my presenting skills. I love the freedom we have on our radio show, we’re literally able to discuss anything we want, and we’re allowed to say anything we want which is great especially when we want to discuss something controversial. I am so happy at the moment and I cannot wait until I get a job as an showbiz presenter.



Eden xoxo


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