Okay so I’ve been going to the gym for 5 weeks now and I’m proud, so far (minus one week) I have gone three times a week! But on Tuesday I decided to do squats and oh my gosh they were a killer…

I did my usual weights and then I had to do:

  • Deadlifts
  • Squats while holding the pole (that you can put weights on) behind my head
  • Lunges while holding weights
  • Jump squats

By the end of it I was literally exhausted, it felt good though… until the next day. My legs were killing but me and my friend still decided to go to the gym however the trainer advised us to work on our upper body strength instead. So I did a 10 minute work out on the cross trainer and then I did the weights that work on my shoulders, biceps, triceps and abs. After I used dumbbells for my arms and I did body dips.

I loved changing up my routine this week because previous I did weights and then 40 minute cardio but now I have spoke to the trainer about my aims – to get Kim Kardashians bum and to get stronger – I feel more motivated. I did however skip out on the gym today because my body is still aching!!


The trainer told me what I should eat that’s healthy and will help me build muscle and not lose weight, but if anyone has any tips please let me know!



Eden xoxo


2 thoughts on “Gymspiration

  1. Congrats. Sounds like an awesome workout. Hope this inspires more people to strength train. It’s so amazing for you!

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