Homemade Chips

Yesterday I decided to save money by making homemade chips instead of buying them. This was the first time I have ever cooked homemade chips but oh my gosh they were delicious!

So first of all I only used 4 small potatoes and that was surprisingly enough.


I decided to peel the skin off of two potatoes and leave the skin on the others; just to have a variety.


I then sliced the potatoes into thin slices.


Then I boiled the potatoes until I was able to put a fork through the chips – but not so that they were too soft.


After I put salt, pepper and thyme on them and fried then in a frying pan. I put enough oil in the pan so that it covered half of the chips.


Once the chips were brown, they were done.


I decided to have my homemade chips with chicken pieces and corn on the cob – weird mix – but I had to eat my corn on the cob before it went out of date.


Here is my finished meal (with cheese on top of the corn on the cob)…


Eden xoxo


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