Omelette and Chips

Last night I decided to make omelettes and chips for dinner.

Here are all the ingredients I used:

  • Eggs
  • Wild rocket
  • Salmon
  • Peppers
  • Cucumber
  • Cheese
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Oven chips


The first thing I did was prepare all the ingredients I was putting in the omelettes.

I started off by washing and then cutting a pepper in half.


Then I cut out all the seeds.


I then sliced the peppers (for the second omelette I had to slice the pepper slices thinner because it was difficult fitting all the peppers in the first omelette).


I then washed and cut up a cucumber.


I then cut up some salmon.


Then I heated and put some oil in the pan. While the pan and oil was heating up I put the chips in the oven and whisked 2 eggs (per omelette).


Once the pan and oil was hot I turned the heat down and poured the whisked eggs into the pan.


The I put salt and pepper on the eggs.


After I put the pepper, cucumber, salmon, wild rocket and cheese on half the omelette.IMG_9037


(This was the first omelette I made and as you can see it was very packed, so for the second one I put less of the ingredients in). Once one side of the omelette was cooked I folded the omelette in half.


Then I folded it back over so that both sides could cook through.


Between the first and second omelette my chips were cooked, so I left them to cool while my second omelette was cooking. Here is my meal once everything was cooked.


Eden xoxo


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