Makeup Haul!

‘Nothing haunts you like the things you didn’t buy…’

This quote is literally my life, because I can never afford anything (being a student is difficult) however when I get my student loan I feel like I’m a millionaire. This semester when I got my student loan I was finally able to buy all the things I wanted to buy during summer that I couldn’t afford, so I decided to go shopping and I ended up buying a few bits of makeup. I bought:

  1. A foundation
  2. A prime & set
  3. A Real Techniques Sponge
  4. A clear mascara (for my brows)
  5. A blusher brush

FullSizeRender (5)


The foundation I was previously using was Maybelline Fit Me and the colour was Coconut 355. I did like this foundation purely because it was £7.99 from Superdrugs, however I felt like it was too dark for me so when I finally got the money I decided to go to Bobbi Brown. Yeah, I know its an expensive brand. It was worth it though, it’s better quality and I was able to get my colour matched so I knew exactly what it would look like on my face before I bought it.

FullSizeRender (4)


The foundation cost £31.50. The colour I bought was Warm Almond and it fits my skin perfectly! I even love the smell of it.

Clear Mascara – As a brow set

After asking the makeup artist in Bobbi Brown about a brow set she recommended that I buy a clear mascara instead and I am so glad I did. The mascara I bought was Miss Sporty Just Clear Mascara and it was only £2.99. I feel like it does exactly what a brow setting gel would do however it is cheaper. So if you’re tight on cash I would recommend buying a clear mascara.


Blusher brush

I also bought a blusher brush. I needed one and it was cheap. This brush from Superdrugs cost me £2.99 and although it’s a cheap brush the bristles are soft and they don’t fall out after one use, like other cheap brushes do.


Prime & Set

IMG_8642I know that a setting powder is important as it helps your makeup stay on longer and it gives your face a matte finish after applying foundation so I decided to buy one. I saw the Gosh Velvet Touch Primer and Setting Powder – Transparent in Superdrugs for £9.99 and decided to buy it as it was transparent and I thought it would go well with my skin… Well I was wrong! I really dislike this product, it was not transparent it made my face look ashy – not cute – and I only used a little bit of powder. So I wouldn’t recommend people with darker skin tones to buy this product.

Real Techniques Sponge


The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge is by far my favourite purchase! You can literally use it to blend makeup, to apply concealer and to cover blemishes and it was only £5.99 from Superdrugs. I always wet the sponge before I use it so that it’s damp. When I’m just wearing concealer the damp sponge applies my concealer properly so that it doesn’t feel/look dry on my skin.

I will upload another post soon on the Sleek powder and Mac concealer (in first picture in the post) when I have practiced contouring.

Eden xoxo


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