Hair Extensions

Y’all like my new hair….

Okay so for the last year I have been wearing hair extensions. At first I was wearing clip in synthetic hair extensions, however – as it is fake hair – I didn’t like the feel of it so I started buying real hair.

I currently buy Sensationnel Brazilian Live Keratin REMI hair. I buy 16 inches hair and it costs £29.99.


I love this hair as it is smooth and soft, plus its Brazilian hair so when it gets wet it goes curly.

However the only problem with this hair is that it does not have clips attached to it (and I wear clip in hair extensions) so I have to attach the clips to the hair myself and this is how I do it…

First off, I measure how much hair I need to cut by looking at my old hair extensions.


Then I double the hair up so that my hair extensions are thicker.


I then cut off the clips from my previous hair extensions.


Then using a needle and thread I sew the clips onto the hair.


*ignores the chipped nails*


*ignores the chipped nails*

And this is what it looks like once I have sewn clips onto a whole strip of hair!


Eden xoxo


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