Review: Makeup Brush Cleanser

Okay so recently I have been makeup crazy and the other day I went into Superdrugs and I saw this makeup brush cleanser. On the bottle it says that its a conditioning cleanser that disinfects and cleans brushes and because it was on a deal I decided to buy it.


I tried it today and it works wonders!

In the past I have washed a few of makeup brushes by using warm water but then the brushes go hard. So when I used this cleanser I was surprised that my makeup brushes were still soft after I had cleaned them. I was shocked by the amount of makeup I had on all my makeup brushes and it did take me a while to clean them all completely but when I finally finished cleaning them I felt so satisfied!

FullSizeRender (1)

I really would recommend buying this product as it is cheap. Currently at Superdrugs its £4.99 but there is a deal so you can buy one and get another one for half price. It really does clean your makeup brushes and it leaves the bristles nice and soft!

FullSizeRender (3)

Eden xoxo


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