Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale – I’m still confused


So I’ve just finished watching PLL the summer finale and I am a little confused…

Okay so from the latest episode we found out:

  • Cece is A
  • Sara is Red coat and the Black Widow
  • Cece was Charles who was then Charlotte who then became Cece
  • Cece is a transgender
  • Cece and Jason dated (that’s disgusting they’re brother and sister)
  • Cece was friends with Mona while in Radley (when Mona was still on the meds)
  • Cece aka Charles/Charlotte was friends with Bethany in Radley
  • Bethany killed Toby’s mum
  • Bethany then blamed it on Cece/Charlotte
  • Cece accidentally hit Ali – thinking it was Bethany dressed as Cece so she could escape Radley
  • Cece isn’t as crazy as Ali’s dad made her out to be (he didn’t understand that Cece (then Charles) wanted to be a girl
  • Finally, it ended with the girls going to college… then a 5 year jump and the girls were warning Ali that “he’s here” (whoever he is)

Okay so this episode was completely jam packed. I was suspicious of Sara as soon as she said she didn’t want to go into the room with the girls because it was a little crowded…Ermm okay then. Turns out she was Red Coat and Black Widow. I’m still confused about that revelation. I literally had no idea that Cece was A. I though Wren was A and Melissa was Red Coat (personally I liked that idea better).

Also we found out that Mona tried to kill Ali but it was Bethany instead, but didn’t Melissa bury her? Why? Yeah she thought Spencer killed Ali but Spencer wasn’t even insight when Melissa started burying the body.

Also I looked on Twitter and found a few things out..

IMG_8067 IMG_8068 IMG_8069

These pictures make sense how on earth did Bethany kill Toby’s mum when her and Cece were still kids but Toby’s mum saw Alison and Toby almost kiss when they were teenagers? If Bethany killed Toby’s mum when they were kids, Alison and Toby would have been younger than them when she died, yet she saw Alison and Jason almost kill. Well that didn’t make sense…

I am still confused about a few things and yet I swear this episode was going to answer everything.

Who is in the A team then?

At the minute it seems like it’s just Cece and Sara Harvey (previously Mona, Toby and Spencer too)… But at the end of episode 2 in Season 3 Red Coat aka Sara is seen buying lots of black hoodies and black gloves, okay maybe that was for Toby and Mona… But then in the first episode in Season 5 there was lots of people scaring the girls who is supposedly a part of the ‘A team’.

What happened to the girls mums?

So are the girls mums still in the DiLaurentis’ basement? We didn’t even see the mums wave/drive the girls off to college.

Why does Cece/A hate the girls so much?

Because Mona – while high on medication – said they were happier now that Ali was dead? That’s not a good enough reason to blackmail and almost kill the girls…

What happened to Jason and Ali’s dad?

Are they still unconscious or? Also Cece was willing to kill herself and her Ali and Jason (fair enough her dad) just because she wanted to end the game? Ermm okay then

Who killed Jessica (Ali’s mum)?

They didn’t explain that? They also didn’t explain who buried her body? They just showed Cece crying over her body

Why did Sara go along with being Red Coat/Black Widow?

That confused me, I swear she was just some random girl from a different town… Why would she do those things to the girls if she didn’t even know them? How did she even meet Cece/Charlotte?

Was Sara even in the dolls house for 2 years?

By the sounds of it Sara was crazy and was Red Coat and the Black Widow the whole time. I feel like they need to explain why Sara got involved with Cece/Charlotte and how they met.

Also what happened to Sara and Cece?

Towards the end of the episode Emily says Sara just left the hospital, but wait why do we care about Sara she was going to bomb Radley with Ali in it? As for Cece I’m guessing she’s in prison? They didn’t even talk about her.

Ahh I thought we would have all the answers but apparently not… Now we just have to wait for the winter premiere. If anyone has any answers to my questions please let me know!

Eden xoxo


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