Sometimes go for a morning run…

As part of my get healthy for lent I have recently been going for runs early in the morning, and when I say early I mean 6:30am which is pretty early for me (considering the fact that I like to wake up at 12pm).

At first I started running to build up my stamina – I literally walk up a flight of stairs and my legs start to hurt. However now I love running, it is such a great way to start the day even if after my run I get back into bed for a while it still makes me feel productive.


I am extremely lucky to be studying at university along the seaside. This definitely makes my runs better, the view is just perfect especially when the sun is rising. I recommend that you try and go for a jog in the morning even if you’re not near a beach it is still a great feeling, especially if you’re listening to music you can pretend you’re in a music video… Well that’s what I do.


Also I bought 2 face masks from Superdrugs and they were only £1 each! I bought a purifying mask and a cucumber cleansing mask. I love to use them, they make me feel so relaxed and cleansed.

IMG_5717 FullSizeRender

Eden xoxo


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