Happy Valentines and Fifty shades

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Ahh so last night me and my friends all went to the cinema to watch Fifty Shades of Grey and I loved it! I was a bit apprehensive to see it, I thought it would be cringy but it really wasn’t… Okay so there were a few cringy bits but it was still worth it.

Both Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson played their parts really well. Jamie is actually so hot as well, I think I am in love… And Dakota played her character well by being shy and innocent at the beginning of the film also she has a hot body too. Although the film does differ from the book in the sense that Ana is more confident throughout the in the film whereas in the first book she doesn’t really have a backbone and she seems easily influenced by Christian.


So hot!!

She is gorgeous!

She is gorgeous!

The film kept the main parts in the book which was good, the sex scenes were raunchy but that was to be expected from the film. Also there was a lot of humour in the film, which was entertaining. I was so happy that they left out the ‘tampon’ scene and when there is blood on the sheets and they still lay in it. I also loved the soundtrack it was very fitting for the film.

A few songs from the soundtrack:

I don’t understand why people are reviewing the film badly, when most people haven’t even seen it. Also the book is based off of fan fiction so obviously the writing isn’t going to be perfect but E. L. James has done well for herself, especially considering her book became the UK’s fastest selling paperback of all time.

I think everyone should go watch it, you’ll probably be surprised with it. Also the atmosphere in the cinema was great! Everyone was drinking/already drunk, everyone was laughing at the right parts and even the cinema staff were dressed in suits and they were offering alcohol too.


Happy Valentines everyone! I plan on getting drunk tonight!

Eden xoxo


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