Welcome to my humble abode!

So I moved into my new house at uni at the end of September and it is now January, so I’d say this post is a little overdue but whatever, better late then never?

Heres a picture of my room at uni!

Uni Room

I absolutely love it! It feels really homely and its really spacious even though you cannot really see in the picture.

I thought I’d give a few tips on essential things that every room needs, to make it more homely. Especially when you move out from your home you want to still feel comfortable so its good to surround yourself with things that remind you of home.

1. Photos! So after looking on the money saving experts website, I managed to get a great deal 152 pictures for £7.45 (including delivery). The first 100 pictures were free too, which is amazing! I decided to stick these pictures up with white tac, it felt like it took forever but it was worth it.

IMG_4853 (1)

2. Posters! They are essential they fill up your walls and can be inspirational. I have 3 one direction posters, 2 inspirational posters and a uni calendar.



3. Bedding! Lovely bed sheets (okay the ones I have on at the moment are dead but still), cushions, teddies and fairy lights really do make all the difference.


Eden xoxo


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