Last Christmas…

Okay so Christmas was only a few days ago but that now means we have to wait a whole other 361 days until next year…

I know it’s pretty cliche but this year has definitely been the best Christmas! Not for materialistic reasons but simply because as me and my family have gotten closer to God over the last year, our main focus this year was on family and being grateful for everything we have.

Not going to brag about Christmas presents but I thought I’d show my outfit of the day….



I’ve just realised it’s not very Christmassy… oh well.

Oh yeah, I got a selfie stick and here are a couple of photos from Christmas day…

IMG_4572 IMG_4644

So now it’s post Christmas it’s time for me to hit the sales. Before I go back to uni in January I plan to go to Westfields and Oxford Street as I know the sales will be good.

I decided not to go sale shopping on Boxing Day because all the shops are packed and the queues are long. Besides I prefer to go shopping in January when everything has calmed down and all the sales stuff has been reduced again from the Boxing Day sales – January sales tip.

Eden xoxo


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