The Kitchen Cabinet Work Experience

So yesterday I got to participate in some work experience for BBC 4’s radio show The Kitchen Cabinet. The show is about the presenter – Jay Rayner – and a panel discussing food and cooking. The audience are also able to ask the panel questions. It was really cool because the recording is for a January episode so the audience were not allowed to ask any Christmas/New Years questions.

Because I left uni last Saturday for the Christmas holidays I had to get the train back to Hastings yesterday and it was such a stressful journey. There was delays on the tube, but I made it in time. Although I had to stop off at uni to get some library books for my assignment (top student). When we arrived at the hall where the show was being recorded we had a few errands to run, such as:

  • Hanging up posters
  • We met the panel and the presenter of the show
  • We greeted the audience
  • Encouraged the audience to fill in their survey sheets
  • Explained what would happen when the audience want to ask the panel a question

After we done all our tasks we got to watch the recording which was a fun experience too!

Although this work experience was not related to TV/Radio presenting it still gave me an insight into behind the scenes. I was able to watch the sound check too. I am hoping this experience will help me in the future in finding interns and more work experience.

Kitchen Cabinet Behind the Scenes

Kitchen Cabinet Behind the Scenes

Eden xoxo


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