Nothing haunts you more than what you didn’t buy…

The title to this blog post is oh so relatable to everyone. I saw the quote on a top in River Island, even though the top was nice I didn’t buy it because I’m too poor… The struggle is real. I literally have almost spent the whole of my overdraft, and I need to wait until January to get my next student loan. So I did what any poor person does and ‘online window shopped’. I thought I’d make a post on 4 of my favourite products on the River Island website, so here they are…

1. Because leather jackets are essential (£65)…


River Island Leather Jacket

2. Because over-the-knee-high boots are so in (£70)…


River Island Knee High Boots

3. Because we all need a fur coat and when I saw this in the store I fell in love! £90 though…


River Island Fur Coat

4. Because capes are currently in and we all need one (£35)…


River Island Cape

I seriously want all 4 products, and today during my lecture I found out last minute that on the River Island website they had 20% off all products and tomorrow there is going to be another surprise! (Hopefully its more of a discount)

If I don’t extend my overdraft then I am hoping to either get them for Christmas or in the boxing day/new years sales. I doubt it though considering they’re new products, wishful thinking though…

Eden xoxo


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