So it has been almost a week since the police officer (Darren Wilson) who shot Michael brown was acquitted and since then there has been riots in America. It was announced today that Wilson resigned from his job, I still don’t think justice has been made, but a least that is one less police officer killing someone.

The other day for our lecture we had to go out and do vox pops and we asked people what their opinion on the Ferguson riots were and the majority of people did not know anything about the Ferguson case, we had to explain the full story. I was really confused, were these people living under rocks? The shooting may not have been in the UK but it was on the news and on social media platforms, I think people really should get into the news so they know what’s happening in the world…

The celebrity support throughout the world has surprised me. We have some celebrity such as Rihanna, Chris Brown, Katy Perry, Cher, Katherine Heigl and many others who have shown their support either on Twitter or Instagram. Then there are some celebrities who have not commented on the case at all which is a surprise, someone tweeted:

photo (2)

However  Katie Hopkins (a public figure) had a different view on the situation.

Katie Hopkin Tweet

Her tweet doesn’t even make sense because he was not shot for being a thief as Wilson didn’t even know Brown stole anything from the shop.

I don’t understand why the media keep mentioning the fact that Mike Brown stole something from the shop. That is completely irrelevant. Like I previously said, Wilson did not even know that Brown stole something.  I also do not understand how and why people are trying to justify the situation. Wilson fired 12 shots and 6 of them hit Brown – killing him. There is no way Wilson was trying to protect himself.

It’s crazy how it still seems like we’re living in the past with racism, homophobia and sexism. Although Wilson is not longer a police officer he did not get fired he resigned, does he even understand what he did wrong? I hope that eventually justice is made and together we move forward, rather than backwards.

Rest in peace

Rest in peace

Eden xoxo


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