Glamour magazine review

Hey dolls,

Usually every month I try to buy either the glamour magazine or the cosmopolitan magazine. Earlier this month when I was in Tesco it was pretty clear which magazine I was buying this month once I saw that in the glamour magazine you get a free nail varnish and a 20% in store discount for H&M. H&M don’t usually do discounts so this 20% off made me very happy! I decided that I am going to use the 20% off to buy Christmas presents which is a extremely handy considering Christmas is just around the corner.

photo (4)

The free nail varnish I got with the magazine was a red colour. I tried out the nail varnish and at first I wasn’t too fond of it, but after a few hours I got use to it and now I love it.

Here are a couple of pictures of me wearing the nail varnish:

photo 1 (2)I decided to add a lighter red nail varnish on one nail just to be different.

photo 3

Also included in the magazine are samples of; Stella McCartney’s fragrance, Calvin Klein’s reveal fragrance, a Pantene pro-v breakage defence conditioner and a body shop voucher which is worth at least £3 and could possibly be £15 or £100.

One thing I really do love about this issue is there are 100 stories about all the news that has happened throughout 2014. There are stories from Kendall Jenner to Orange is the new Black to the ice bucket challenge to iPhones new gadgets. There was also a funny article about readers who wrote in about their bad experiences with their bosses.

As it is the December issue I recommend you buy it. If not for the amazing freebies then for the fact that it will be the last 2014 issue.

Eden xoxo


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