Life as a uni student

How difficult is it being a student? Wanting to buy clothes but not having enough money for rent, uni books and food shopping. Well I’m going to recommend a couple of ideas on how to balance your money.


Every uni student should sign up to unidays, it is seriously amazing! You get student discount on shops such as Topshop, Topman, Boohoo, Missguided, Allsaints, Newlook, House of Fraser, Jack Wills and loads more. They have discounts for online and in store which is the best of both worlds. Also its free and easy to sign up to. Every now and then they will have an exclusive discount for shops that do not do student discount, such as H&M. There is also an app which you can download and use in store too.



You can also sign up to NUS student discount, where you get a student discount on certain items from Amazon, Pizza express, Thorpe park, Odeon and many similar to unidays. The only disadvantage is you have to pay £11 however it lasts for a whole year.


I really do recommend everyone looks on Unidays and the NUS website. The other day I was looking online for christmas presents and I came across this beautiful Kate Moss yellow dress which was £85 and is now to £10. I was then able to use my 10% student discount (yes on a sale item) from Unidays and I got the dress delivered to store which was free delivery so in total I got the dress for £9, which in total is around 90% off which is a total win win. So if you see a deal which you think is a rare one I would recommend you get/buy it.

My Kate Moss dress

My Kate Moss dress

And finally…

3 tips for every student who is worrying about money:

  • The majority of students are in their overdrafts throughout the whole of university, so there is no need to worry about that.
  • Everyone is in the same boat, which is poor.
  • Yolo

Eden xoxo


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