In Defense of Skinny Girls


Extracted from Pinterest.

“I hate women who say they can eat whatever they want, because I don’t relate to that at all.” ~ Drew Barrymore

That’s a quote I read on Twitter yesterday morning from the actress’s latest interview with Bon Appetit magazine.

Well, Ms. Barrymore, you caught me on a bad day. I’m sorry life’s not fair, but to say that you hate women because of things they cannot control is like saying you hate black people. Or children with Down’s Syndrome. Because you “don’t relate to that.”

I know Ms. Barrymore probably said that quote with that adorable giggle of hers, and I can imagine the journalist laughing along with her at the unfairness of life. I don’t think she had malicious intent to put down women who have quick metabolisms. But imagine if I were the one being interviewed by Bon Appetit, and I said the…

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