University and what the first year has taught me

So within the last two weeks students have received their A level and GCSE’s results and it just reminded me that this time last year I was going through the stress/relief of getting my results, ahh throwback…

This made me think back of everything I have done in the last year:
1. Passed my A levels
2. Got into university
3. Moved out and into halls
4. Made new friends
5. Soldiered through freshers
6. Attended and missed plenty of lectures
7. Too many hangovers
8. Too many assignments
9. Argued with friends
10. Adapted living around different people
11. Passed my first year at university
12. Went to a few concerts and a festival

University is not for everyone but I am so glad that I went.
From university I learned plenty of lessons. I learnt more about my self, I became independent because I moved out of university, I have learned how I am not the only person who is lazy, I also learned how to cook.

The other day on Facebook I saw a post which I could relate to:


So if you’re not sure whether to go to university or not, read above and base your answer loosely on that. Everything in the picture is true!

Top 5 memories of my first year at uni are:

1. First night in halls. The first night when my first two friends said they were not going out and I hadn’t spoke to anyone else so I didn’t know what to do. Then a girl called Chloe walks down the stairs and I ask her whether she’s going out or not. She said yes and told me to come out too, as its the first night out. We then went up to her house to get some vodka (obviously) as I walked into her room I saw a picture of Harry Styles. I didn’t know whether she was a proper fan or he was her guilty pleasure. To cut a long story short we both found out they were obsessed with One Direction, and that was the start of our friendship.

2. Being sick at freshers ball. That’s basically it. I drank far too much before I even left halls, then took half a water bottle full of Tequila for the coach. I need a wee 5 minutes into the hour journey. Then every 30 seconds everyone had to drink. We were lucky the driver stopped the coach so we could wee in the bushes. Then once we arrived in the club Oceana in Brighton I was probably in there for a maximum of 30 minutes before I went to the toilet to be sick, then I went outside to be sick once again. Then rang my friend who was at another university, got her to tweet my friend who was inside the club because I didn’t have their number. Eventually they came out then I spent the remainder of the night in a kebab shop.

3. Foam party. This was a part of our freshers in Eastbourne. It was my first foam party as well, I was slightly dreading it though because my hair gets frizzy pretty easily. However it was amazing! I had the best time with my friends, especially considering we had only known each other for about a week.

4. House parties. Although we lived in halls it was pretty small so there were quite a few students who lived in houses. Throughout the year there were quite a  few house parties. The strangest top three were probably:

  1. I can’t remember why but we jumped over the fence to leave the party
  2. The police turned up and we got a selfie with the officer
  3. We were literally there for 10 minutes then everyone got kicked out

5. Our last official night together. It was the first night one of our friends from our group – Wildcats – were leaving and we decided at about 11pm to go to the beach and set off some lanterns. Apparently its illegal but we still did it, YOLO and all that. It was a pretty cute night.

Christmas party in Eastbourne


Eden xoxo


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