Festival season is ending… Throwback to T in the Park

Ahh so festival season is coming to an end and I thought I would talk about the festival I attended way back in July. I was suppose to blog about it back in July but I’ve been busy doing nothing… What’s new?

So during Winter/Spring after looking at the majority of festival line ups, me and my friends knew that T in The Park had the best line up so that was where we decided to go. In the end after asking everyone, only me and my best friend Charlotte ended up going. We didn’t mind though considering it would be both our first times camping at a festival we knew we’d have a laugh being just us two. Luckily Charlottes family friend – Sue – lives in Scotland, Sterling to be exact which wasn’t too far from Balado. So we decided to stay at Sues house on Wednesday night, then Thursday we would go to Balado and set up our tent, get to know other people, drink then sleep and be ready for Friday when they acts come on.


It took us 5 hours to travel to Scotland, it didn’t seem too long because I slept through the majority of it. Once we arrived at Edinburgh we had to get another train to Sterling, when we finally arrived we met Sue who drove us to her house. When we arrived she gave us a glass of wine, considering we hadn’t ate a lot we felt tipsy already. Then we went to Wetherspoons and was in for a big surprise, everything was much cheaper than our usual prices in London/Essex. One of the deals was £6 for a cocktail pitcher! £6, we couldn’t believe it. In London happy hour is two cocktail glasses for £10, and that’s happy hour. After we had our drinks and meal we went back to Sues watched The Vampire Diaries, drank some more then went to bed.

Wine at Sues' house

Wine at Sues’ house


Lovely Scottish view from Sues’ house


We woke up at around 10 with a lovely fry up. Got ready and left the house by 12. We decided to get some last minute stuff like a sleigh to carry our stuff on, insect repellent, food and more alcohol of course. I say more alcohol, we bought 9 litres of wine (bare in mind I already had a litre of vodka). With everything  it was then that we were ready to go. We drove to Balado and arrived at the drop off point. After unloading the car we thought we had packed far too much, we wasn’t worried though because we thought in a few minutes we’ll get to the camp site and start to put up or tent. Well, we were in for a surprise! It took us from 2pm arriving at the drop off area to 7pm when we finally put up our tent, to carry all of our stuff. No one warned us about carrying all the luggage, and it was actually hot for once in Scotland so we were sweating. At first it was funny, then after 10 minutes it wasn’t. We spent £40 alone just on: paying 1 man to carry some of our stuff near the gates and then using a wheel barrow to carry our stuff to where we were pitching our tent.

After putting up our tent we finally could relax for a bit, we decided to start drinking straight away. As it was the first night and no acts were on we were allowed to take alcohol into the venue. We decided to explore for a bit and see all the stages, then we met a few people. They were in the VIP area because they were working backstage (I was slightly jealous). Eventually we retreated back to our tent and fell asleep.

Over packed?

Over packed?


Light box place on the first night


Sweat. That was the first thought on my mind when I woke up, I was boiling. It was so stuffy in the tent and I was hungover from drinking far too much wine last night. We decided to get ready and eat some of the snacks we bought. Brushing our teeth was a bit of a myth considering there was no sink we had to rinse our mouths out with water from our water bottles. Once we were up and ready we took some pictures and we were off, we saw You Me At Six, they were pretty good although I was still hanging. Then we decided to go back to our tent to start drinking. Once we were satisfied that were drunk enough we went back to watch Ed Sheeran and Ellie Goulding. Then we went back to our tent to drink some more so that we could go at see Billy Clyro, well that didn’t end up happening because we fell asleep.



Suppose to be Ed Sheeran...

Suppose to be Ed Sheeran…

Saturday and Sunday

Both days were pretty much the same routine. Put lots of layers on throughout the night. Wake up sweating. Brush teeth with our water bottles. Use baby wipes to get ‘washed’. Eat crap food. Take picture. See early afternoon acts. Retreat to our tent for a nap. Drink more alcohol. Sneak alcohol in the venue. Watch more acts.

We had a few hiccups, on Saturday me and Charlotte had an argument over something I can’t even remember. Then we woke up laughing and it was all forgotten about. After watching Duke Dumont (which was incredible) we saw a man naked flapping his willy to the beat of the music, that was hilarious. Of course we had the difficulty of deciding which acts to watch because we had pretty different music tastes. However we sorted it in the end and on the final night we were able to see both The Arctic Monkeys and Disclosure, they were both amazing too.

Our cute little tent

Our cute little tent

Selfie with Alex Turner?

Selfie with Alex Turner?

All in all I had such an amazing time and would definitely camp again at another festival. Although I did learn a few things from this experience:

  1. Pack lightly
  2. From the time it took to travel to and from Scotland I could have travelled to Paris or Spain a few times
  3. Alcohol is the most essential thing when camping
  4. Don’t worry about what acts to watch just go with the flow
  5. Try and not have an argument with your only friend there
  6. Don’t be too surprise when you see naked people
  7. You will hear ‘Alan’ and ‘Fenton’ all night long
  8. Don’t be surprise with the smell of pure urine
  9. Try and go to portaloo early in the morning, that’s the only time they’ll be semi-clean
  10. Try and only use portaloos which flush
  11. Don’t take your bank card you will spend far too much
  12. Enjoy yourself

Eden xoxo


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