No sleep for 40 hours, but I soldiered on for One Direction



Okay so my first confession on my blog is that I am a huge one direction fan. When I saw huge one direction fan I mean like, way back in 2011 I use to sit outside their hotel, studio etc to try and meet them. Since then I have managed to see them several times, I got pictures with Niall and one with Liam.

However throughout being a fan they have done annoying things such as: not stopping for fans and ignoring me. So back in September (2013) I didn’t get tickets for their Where We Are (WWA) Tour. I didn’t think I would miss much and I was poor considering I just got my student loan but had to pay my already £500 overdraft and soon would have to pay my rent. I soon regretted not getting tickets when my friends got tickets without me rude. Even my friend who only recently started liking one direction got a ticket.

So when it came to May and there was only a month to go and I wanted to go I knew I needed to buy a ticket. I had previously been looking on ticket websites for red zone standing tickets (that is where my friends tickets were) but the cheapest tickets I saw were like £120/£130 including postage and packaging. However my luck changed when I received an email saying One Direction were releasing more tickets on Friday the 9th of May. I was so happy when I found out, I realised I had a chance of going to see them perform at a reasonable price – £48.

I woke up early on the 9th – with difficulty – and my friend Chloe said I could wake her up and use her phone and laptop because she had 3G in her room and my phone had no service (hate vodafone) so I woke her up before 9 too, love her. 

I hate when you’re trying to buy tickets to a concert/event. I feel like i’m going to have an exam or something. I get anxious and feel like I cant talk to anyone, I need to get in my zone.

So when the time eventually reached 9 I was on both mine and Chloes phone trying to get tickets and Chloe was on her laptop. I was successful in getting a red zone ticket, woo! Thank God for Chloe, aye?

So anyway back to the present, my friend whose birthday is on the 6th of June (same day as the concert) decided she wanted to go out on the 5th of June (the day before the concert) for her birthday, I obviously went, being a top friend and everything. We managed to get a table and 2 free bottles of vodka at a club called Boujis. Even though there was free vodka (winning), the music at the club was dead so we decided to move onto another club in Piccadilly circus called Piccadilly institute. We have been there lots of times in the past so we knew we would have a good time and the music was good too. Anyway we had a great time in the club, then left when it shut. It was only when I realised at 3am that I had to be awake in an hour to start getting ready to leave my house that I realised I should have left earlier.

We managed to get the night bus and a cab back, so we arrived at our houses at 5am. I got ready straight away and met my friend to get the train up to Wembley. We arrived at Wembley just gone 7 and we started to queue because we were standing at the concert. Even though it was still early I was number 123 in the line (that is not including the other zones either). So at 7am that was when we started to queue, bare in mind doors were opening at 5pm so we had 10 hours of just waiting. The temperature was 23 degrees that day – which is warm in England – but at 7am it definitely was not 23 degree. We managed getting through the 10 hours which included:

1. A few trips to McDonalds

2. Several trips to the toilet

3. Shivering when it was cold

4. Sweating when it warmed up

5. Taking off my tights because my legs were burning from the sun

6. One can of red bull which actually helped considering I hadn’t sleep in 24 hours

Finally at 5pm we were allowed in the arena but we had to wait another 2 hours until 5 Seconds of Summer (5sos) – the supporting act – came on stage. It was tiring and hot but we managed to survive it. 5sos were amazing! I have seen them a few times in the last at One Directions previous tour and 5sos’s gigs but in Wembley it was completely different, the set was bigger and they had their own songs and soon their own album out. Once they had finished performing at 7:45 we had to wait another hour for One Direction to come on stage. Then they came on.

Okay so in the past I have seen One Direction at concerts and in person but when I saw them on stage… It’s difficult to describe the feeling, but I’ll try. I was happy, excited, giddy, shocked and overall content. They don’t know me but I know them and they’re hot! Like Harry and Zayn are literally beautiful! All of their voices are amazing too! I loved every second of the concert. I managed to hit the ball towards the stage when Nial kicked it out to the crowd  (at 22 seconds) and throw two packets of sweets on stage, they didn’t notice though, boo.

My favourite songs they performed were Rock Me, Better Than Words, You and I and Little White Lies. They performed them perfect and they’re my favourite songs on their new album.

I am now suffering post concert depression. I wish I bought tickets to another date but I am grateful that I got a ticket, period. I can honestly say I wont forget the last two days considering how tired I was (still am). I am proud that I managed to stay awake considering by the time I got home after the concert I hadn’t slept for 40 hours.

After 3 years I still love One Direction, hopefully soon i’ll get a new obsession. Although One Direction are most people’s guilty pleasures, they’re not mine. I don’t even feel guilty because have you seen Harry Styles?

A few of the pictures I took from the concert



Eden xoxo


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