Considering it is Sunday…

Today I was watching Creflo Dollar – a christian pastor – who has his church in Atlanta, Georgia (I watch his service via the internet). He said something which I thought was relatable to everyone, regardless off whether you believe in God or not. He said:

“He (God) is not here to find fault, stop finding fault for yourself”.

Even if you don’t believe in God this quote is relevant. Sometimes without even meaning to its easy to find your insecurities and hate yourself or get annoyed. I think in order to overcome that insecurity you need to accept it.

I’m sure somewhere on tumblr or twitter I saw a quote ‘Once you’ve accepted your insecurities no one can use them against you.’ Easier said than done I guess, but it is true. No one is born with insecurities you develop them from: society, people you’re surrounded by or just the devil who is on your shoulder.

Strange isn’t it? When you’re a child the main insecurity is whether you’re too fat or too thin? However as you grow up your insecurities grow too. It’s the little insecurities which are the most annoying, because no one realises its a typical thing to be insecure about, until someone brings it to focus.

I remember the first time someone in secondary school pointed out one my insecurities. I wasn’t even that insecure about it before. They meant it as a joke but I ended up crying, when I say crying I mean after the tears had stopped falling I felt like I couldn’t control my breathe properly (cringe).

I even remember when my best friend first told me she didn’t like her ears because they were too big. Not going to lie but I felt like Cady from Mean Girls. You know the part when she realised people – Regina, Karen and Gretchen – were not just insecure about being fat or thin.

Obviously I had my insecurities before my friend told me her insecurities but for some reason I didn’t seem to notice anyone elses’ just mine. When you’re insecure about something you constantly compare yourself to others, you try to reassure yourself that you’re right to be insecure about something because no one else around you seems to have that same insecurity and everyone around you seem to be prettier, better… perfect, compared to yourself.

Anyway back to the main point, I do agree that we need to accept our insecurities, by doing so if someone does notice it or try to use it against you, it wont affect you because you wont care. It will not hurt your feelings/get to you.

Only problem now, how do we accept our insecurities? Do you try and hide them? Or literally accept them and move on? I guess this is my main problem, one that I have not conquered yet. Give me some time and I will learn…

Eden xoxo


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