My visit at the Jerwood Gallery

jerwood gallery

Yesterday afternoon I visited the Jerwood Gallery in Hastings for a university project. I was unaware of the gallery’s existence until I was set the task to visit it. After going on a tour around the gallery I learnt that the gallery which opened in March 2012 was built for the home of a German art collection. John Jerwood started his collection private however after he died the collection grew too big at the London office so they decided to build a gallery in Hastings. The gallery itself is very eco-friendly. In order to heat the gallery the gallery extracts heat from 120 metres below the ground.

A few words to describe some of the art around the gallery .. simple, unique and different.






While touring the gallery I learnt that all the paintings are related locally. An example is the piece ‘From my window at ditchling’ by Sir Frank Brangwyn (1867 – 1956). There was another sculpture which was made from bullets from the second world war.

Back in 2012 a problem the gallery encountered was local people did not want the gallery to be built as they thought the local authority was paying for the gallery through their taxes. However the gallery was built and funded privately. During this time the gallery found it difficult to get local people on side. The Jerwood Gallery has found advertising and making people aware of the gallery difficult because its a regional gallery and not a national such as the National Gallery in London. The gallery heavily relies of the artists of the gallery to promote the gallery but sometimes they do not want to do press or interviews which puts the gallery at a disadvantage. Also due to cut being made in arts journalism, the gallery has found it difficult to reach a wider audience.

Nevertheless the gallery recently had some publicity back in January when people in Hastings gathered naked on a beach to gain votes for ‘Spencer Tunick’. The naked stunt was reported on BBC news and on that weekend it was the second most read article based on news happening in England.

I would greatly recommend a visit to the gallery as its educational, the building is beautifully designed and as well as the beach there are pubs and cafes around the gallery you can visit too.

Eden xoxo


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