Body Issues

I have recently noticed people in general or just on social media have a slight obsession with body parts such as; collar bones, ankles and thigh gaps.

The other day I spoke to one of my friends and they explained that they think only thin ankles look good. I was slightly confused because I have never looked at anyone’s ankles and thought ‘they look too big or too small to show off their ankles’.

Thigh gaps. I feel like no one cared about them until one day it became a trend. Its obviously difficult to focus on the positive when society and media bring out new insecurities everyday but there are different people and different celebrities with different types of bodies which should help people become more confident in themselves.

It annoys me how people focus on body parts that thin people have which leads to people thinking all thin people want to be thin or thin people should gain weight, when in reality these people are just degrading thin people.

I feel that people contradict themselves, they focus on the positives of body images they want however insult them because of their own insecurities.

Why do people point out other peoples flaws? Because they’re insecure? Or because they genuinely think other people need to lose weight, gain weight or change their body?

Eden xoxo


One thought on “Body Issues

  1. Insecurity plays a big part in it. Also, I think the things we see as flaws in others are also those things we hate about ourselves.

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